are now watching the Gospel of Jesus Christ

in their own language

The Bible tells us that in the last days the Middle East will become once again the focal point of human history. As we approach those days, we can see the rapid geo-political changes that are engulfing this part of the world and grooming it for the end times scenario. We can sense the magnitude and intensity of divine activity is on the rise to pave the way for millions of Muslims to come to the saving knowledge of Christ, as millions of them have been for centuries captivated under the strongholds of Islam

 The Muslim world comprises about one fifth of the world’s population, and is the largest and least evangelized people group in the world today. The Arab World of over 400 million people is the “heart and mind” of the Muslim World and also the most violent and resistant to the message of salvation through Christ

 As the number of Muslims increase dis-proportionally to the rest of the world’s population, and mass communication as the most effective way to fulfill the great commission

 Satellite television is invading the Middle East like never before and people are sacrificing food for satellite dishes as their primary source of knowledge and entertainment and hence comes the pivotal role of Christian television as the only unpreventable mean of outreach in closed countries that prevent personal evangelism or Bible distribution

 Al Horreya TV is communicating God’s love 24/7 to the 400 million Arabic Speaking Muslims in the Middle East, Europe, West Asia, North America,Australia and around the Globe through satellite television programming, social media outreach,smart phone Apps and internet streaming

 Our Vision
Al Horreya is the Arabic word for “Freedom”. Al Horreya TV is a California based mission organization, founded by Middle Eastern Christians who are committed to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to see the Kingdom of God established among Arabs around the globe, in a culturally sensitive way

 Our Mission

  1. Preach the Good News of Salvation
  2. Teach & disciple those who come to Christ in restricted countries through Television ministry
  3. Leadership building so they can lead others to Christ in their local areas, and establish core Christian communities that are ready to welcome new converts.
    support & empower the persecuted church
  4. in the Arab world, by uncovering their daily struggles and supporting their needs both physically & spiritually

 Our Ministry Tools

Arabic 24/7 television Ministry
Al Horreya is operating and managing 24/7 Arabic Christian television broadcast called “Al
Horreya TV” that airs on 4 satellites covering the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, North
America, Australia & New Zealand. Al Horreya started its broadcast in July 2013 and continues to produce wide range of Christian Arabic programming. The produced programs cover a broad spectrum of viewers’ daily needs and interests, bringing faith into the marketplace of ideas, emphasizing Christian views on human rights, economic, educational, health awareness, medical, and family values that are of interest to the Middle Eastern culture and relevant to current events. Al Horreya programming covers different age groups including children, youth, women and men’s programs.

Social media outreach

The channel is streaming 24/7 on its interactive website and on its Smartphone’s’ applications, along with sizable presence on social media such as YouTube, Facebook and twitter

Live Call center

currently operating daily to respond to viewer’s inquiries from around the globe with multiple outreach centers in major metropolitan areas.

Mercy Ministry

Raising funds through its media ministry to provide for Community oureach programs to help providing the basic needs to alleviate poverty for needy families and refugees n poor areas inside and outside the Middle East.

?How do I get involved

PRAY  We “wrestle not against flesh and blood” but with the “principalities . . . powers and rulers of the darkness of this world” (Ephesians 6:12) who are in a fierce battle for the souls of the men, women, and children of the Middle East. Hell has unleashed all it can through war, terrorism, and persecution to prevent them from coming to faith in Christ.
GIVE  to help financially support Al Horreya global ministry including four satellite costs to cover the world, producing new interactive programs, materials and communication costs through our call center, along with the mercy ministry.

Al Horreya is a non-profit 501(C)(3) Tax-exempt organization

love gifts are tax-deductible in the USA & Canada


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